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Green with white stripes.  Baggy belted in green sweater.   Black spandex with sassy green.
Throughout this stage, Rogue's hair was short.  Her ability to kick villain butt also stayed constant.

During this period, she overcame doubts about her own self worth, and conscience. 
Our Southern Belle also earned the approval of her fellow team mates- who when she first joined-
greeted her with skepticism and loathing.

Enter Rogue

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XC #75

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XC #75

xc76rcoldwelcom.jpg (277774 bytes)  XC #76

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XC #83

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XC #83

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XC #104

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XC #104

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XC #98

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XC #89

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XC #89

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XC #99

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XC #99

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XC #99

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XC #106

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XC #106

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XC #90

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XC #107
(flash back)

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